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GVNW USF Solutions is a platform that allows users to access the Kansas Universal Service Fund (KUSF) electronic filing system (E-File), view and download KUSF instructions, forms and Commission Orders.

GVNW USF Solutions replaces the former gvnw.com website.
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GVNW USF Solutions allows providers and third party filers to easily access the electronic filing systems (E-File) for all of the State Universal Service Fund programs that GVNW Consulting,
A Vantage Point Company currently manages, using a single sign-on. This includes the Illinois USF, Kansas USF, New Mexico SRUSF, Oklahoma USF and Pennsylvania USF.

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Kansas Universal Service Fund

The Kansas Universal Service Fund (KUSF) was created by the enactment of House Bill 2728 (Telecommunications Act) by the 1996 Kansas Legislature. The purpose of the KUSF is to assure quality services be made available to all Kansans. All telecommunications companies must contribute (to the KUSF) a percentage of all intrastate (within Kansas) retail revenues. The company is authorized to pass on its assessment to the consumer. KUSF support is distributed back to the local telephone companies and designated eligible telecommunication carriers to offset the costs of providing service.

If you have an questions, contact the KUSF Administrator at (217) 862-1550 or e-mail at kusf@gvnw.com